2017 is a big year for Apple, this year will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. While we expect the new iPhone to be nothing less than perfect, we have high expectations from the new iPad too.

2015 was a great year for apple, Apple successfully released their largest ever iPad, 12.9″ iPad pro with a number of improvements over the predecessor including faster processor, better speakers and the all new pencil-stylus which changed the way people looked at the iPad series. 2016 included the launch of yet 2 new iPads which in other words were smaller versions of the original iPad Pro. Apple AirPods were also released in December 2016.

As the year 2017 progresses, the curiosity as to what Apple brings to the table is only intensifying day by day, would there be just one iPad release? Or would there be two variants released this year? Nonetheless we’re sure Apple will definitely not miss the chance to debut their new iPad along with the new iPhone to make the iPhone’s 10th anniversary somewhat special.

Here is what we can expect the iPad Pro 2 to bring us,


We hardly doubt Apple would change the body design for iPad Pro 2, previous models have had a similar sleek metal design and we’re not sure if Apple would want to change that. But nonetheless we might see some of the design features of the iPhone 7 in the iPad Pro 2. Not much has surfaced around regarding the iPad Pro 2’s design language but we can expect a lighter and slimmer version. But then again Apple might just surprise us, we never know.

iPad Pro 2’s Screen & Power

The iPad Pro 2 would share the same 12.9″ screen size as the iPad Pro, but chances are Apple might also release the other two variants, including smaller screen sizes of 9.7″ & 10.5″.

Rumors suggest that Apple might remove the home button and replace it with a virtual 3D button which means less bezel and more screen. Nonetheless the iPad Pro 2 would also include the True Tone display from the iPad Pro which adjusts the color temperature depending upon the light conditions you’re under. As a result you see a vivid and clear image irrespective of the light conditions.

Last but not the least Apple might also include the 3D touch which was debuted in the iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s plus. But then again let’s see what happens.

Camera and Battery

There’s not much knowledge regarding the camera of the new iPad but so far, rumors suggest that Apple might stick with the same 12mp back and 5mp front camera as the iPad Pro. However chances of Apple adding a dual lens on the new iPad like on the iPhone 7 plus looks prominent which would help with low-light imaging.

The battery size may or may not be consistent for all the variants of the iPad Pro 2. Definitely Larger sizes would come with a larger battery but then again let’s see what Apple settles for.

RAM and Processor

The iPad Pro 2 would include a new powerful A10X processor which would definitely be a lot lot faster than the iPad Pro. If nothing else, Apple never fails to make their new product faster and more reliable than the older ones. Apple might also increase the RAM but since the iPad Pro’s 4GB RAM handles the multitasking smoothly, we hardly expect to see increased RAM in the newer iPad.

Pricing & release date

We expect the iPad Pro 2 to release somewhere near the late first quarter or in the middle of second quarter of 2017. With all the rumored technology and improvements, the new iPad wouldn’t be too cheap to lay hands upon, with rumors of additional colors, the new iPad would set you back easily around $800. So all the Apple fanboys out there, start saving now.