For those who can’t use their iOS devices without jailbreak there is good news about iOS 7 jailbreak. This time a popular iOS hacker @Pod2g confirmed that their process of making a prominent iOS 7 jailbreak tool is going well and soon they will be releasing the tool.

The hacker also added in the tweet that “soon” doesn’t mean “too soon”, and he also advised jailbreakers not to update their iOS version now.

Recently Apple released the iOS 7 Gold Master (final developer version of the upcoming iOS 7) and since then hackers all over the world are trying their best to make an iOS 7 jailbreak tool as early as possible. After the release of Gold Master version another prominent hacker @Planetbeing from evad3rs (a team of iOS hackers) also tweeted that now their team is working hard on iOS 7 Jailbreak. Apple is going to release the next iOS version on Sept. 18 but those who don’t like iGadgets without Jailbreak are advised not to update their devices until iOS  7 hackers release a Jailbreak solution.

Some days ago, Apple also released iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. iPhone 5S’s 64-Bit A7 processor is also likely to create difficulty for the hackers to jailbreak the device. Nothing possible in this world, let’s see what iOS 7 hackers can do now, Stay in touch with us because there is coming more.