Guerilla Marketing, as every known its mean getting conventional results from unconventional marketing methods. Guerilla marketing is one of the most effective and inexpensive mode of marketing in which companies invests energy and ideas rather than investing a lot of money. This mode of marketing is most recommended for the small business owners because they don’t have big money flow to run larger marketing campaign but with Guerilla Marketing they can get the same results with fewer budgets.

As I’ve mentioned earlier the Guerilla marketing is based on great ideas. But not every brain can pick great ideas. That’s why today we are going to list Guerilla marketing ideas you have never heard about, just save them and prepare yourself for the next Guerilla marketing campaign for your business.

1. Give Vacant Units Your Own Look

Search for vacant spaces near your business location or at other popular locations in your city and then give them your own look. Just hire a skilled painter or artist and ask him to paint something meaningful related to your business. Just have a look on the picture below for a better idea.

Wall Art - Guerilla Marketing

2.  Give signs a new look

Just move outside of your office and have a look on the outdoor installations and signs. For examples street lights, advertisements, dustbins and think how can to use these outdoor installations for better results. Just have a look below.

Guerilla Marketing - Changing the outdoor objectcs

3. Change your Shopping bags and shopping carts

If you are a departmental store than this is one of the most effective way to market your business. Give your shopping bags and carts a different look just like shown in the picture below.

Guerilla Marketing - Changing the look of your shopping bags

4. Organize seminars – Guerilla Marketing Ideas

Organize seminars and invite people related to your business and then tell them about the benefits of your product.

Guerilla Marketing - Organizing Seminars

5. Give your product for free

If you are a cloth store than you could get noticed if you give some shirts and pants for free infront of your door.

Giveaway something for free - Guerilla Marketing

6. Give some offers

Giving offers like “Buy 2 get 1 free or Buy an iPhone get iPhone case for free” can also speed up your sales.

Buy 1 get 1 free - Guerilla Marketing ideas

7. Advertising out but shorting inside

This is also one of the effective method used in Guerilla marketing. This means advertising everywhere about your services and products shorting the products in stores. This will increase the demands for your product and later you will be able to sell that at high rates.

Crowd outside apple store - Guerilla Marketing ideas

8. Become a sponsor

Make your company sponsor for local events for big promotion. If you’re an electronics store than you can sponsor community events by offering your sound and visual services just like Sony at Olympic Games.

Coca-Cola advertising

So, these are the some great Guerilla Marketing ideas. Hope you will like them but stay in touch for most about small businesses.