With LG set to release their new flagship “LG G6” soon, the LG users are desperate to peek in what the company’s new flagship beholds them. Each year LG raises the bar high for their smartphones and like every other G series flagship, the G6 would be no exception to this.

Here is what we know about the G6 so far;

Design and body

As we all know that G5 despite having a metal body design wasn’t well appreciated among the users because of it’s “plasticky” feel or otherwise cheap built as commented by the users and many LG fans were not happy with what LG had to offer in terms of  design. Following the criticism, rumor has it that LG might trade the aluminium for a more fancy & premium “glass” body. In an era where smartphone companies rival against each other in terms of creating the most unique yet powerful device, LG is surely gonna shake ground with it’s new design.

But all the fanciness comes with a price, although the glass body is more beautiful and sleek, but it’s a fingerprint smudge exhibition and less durable than metal. Let’s see if LG settles for beauty & fragility or durability & criticality


  • Screen size

The G6 is rumored to have a 5.7″ panel which of course wouldn’t be handy for many users but we’re sure android users are accustomed to dealing with large phones. Nonetheless screen has a resolution of 1440 x 2880 & a pixel density of 564 ppi. After all a large screen might not be so bad after all.

  • RAM & Processor

We were expecting the G6 to come with a snapdragon 835 processor with 6 GB RAM at least. But according to some reports  the LG G6 would come with a 6 GB RAM but not the snapdragon 835, guess we’d have to settle with the snapdragon 821 this year. However, It’s rumored that Samsung Galaxy S8 might just be the first device to incorporate the Snapdragon 835, what a time to be alive for Samsung users.

  • Camera

The LG G6 would share the same camera pattern as the G5. Dual 16mp camera while an improved 12mp front camera over the G5’s 8mp front camera for those selfie lovers out there.

  • Battery & software

The G6 is rumored to have a larger battery than the G5. We expect the G6 to come with a irreplaceable battery and water resistance but then again, we’d have to wait till the end of February to see what LG brings us. Fingers crossed.

The LG G6 would come with an all new android OS V 7.0 which we expect to work flawlessly and smooth on the G6 with all what’s under the hood.

  • Storage

The G5 came with a basic storage of 32gb which didn’t just seem enough so LG decided to increase the internal storage to 64 & 128 GB with expendable memory up to 256 GB. So now you can stuff your phone all you can without ever worrying about the less storage.

Release date?

The LG G5 was announced back in February 2016, so we expect the G6 to come somewhere midst February. LG plans on making their flagship reach the market as soon as possible since most of it’s rivals would be hitting the market in March-April. Galaxy S8 is rumored to reach market by April, giving LG a less competitive start.

Who knows, this might just work for LG.


We don’t expect such a beautiful and powerful device to come cheap, and that’s exactly what would happen when the G6 launches, with flagship devices launching at a price tag of $700 at least, we expect the G6 to cost the same too.

What do you think about the G6? Let us know in comments.

Image Source: @OnLeaks