Many of us are always curious to know about the best way to track an android phone as its very useful. There could be many reasons behind that, the person may have lost its phone and want to track it down or want to spy on someone. Today we will discuss how to track an android phone. Tracking old fashioned cell phones and featured phones is bit difficult than smartphones, but it will be easier to track android phones. Below is how to do that before or after lose it.

1. Tracking Android Phone Before You Lose It

If you really don’t want to loose your phone than you should prepare for the day you lose it, so you can get your phone back. Just follow the following the steps.

Way To Track An Android Phone Before Or After Losing It

1. First of all install an application called “Prey“. Its an open source application that works with all popular operating systems. You can also install in on your iPhone, Macbook or windows laptop.

2. After installing prey on your device, you have to sign up for the service. After signing-up remember your “prey username and password” because that would be the only way to track your phone after losing it.

3. When you want to track an android phone, get access to any computer and log in to your prey account and start tacking your phone. Prey will track your android phone only when you will ask it to track and it will always run in background.

2. Way to track an android phone after losing it

If you just lost your android phone and want to get it back then cheers because you can get it back, just follow the step listed below.

1. First of all get access to any computer with internet facility.

2. Go to android app store or Google Play and log in to your Google account.

3. Install an app “Plan B” on your device. (Android users can also install apps from any computer as mentioned in our android tips guide).

4. After completing installation “Plan B” will than send location details to your gmail inbox.

plan B will email location details

So, this is how to track an android phone before or after losing it. Its always recommended to prepare yourself for the bad day by taking these steps. Moreover you can also track an android phone after you lose. We hope you will like the stuff but don’t forget to checkout these jelly bean tips and android apps for geeks.