Release Date

September 2, 2014

Stronghold Crusader 2 is the sequel to the popular castle sim game Stronghold: Crusader. After 12 years of the original game the Firefly studio is releasing the new version on September 2 2014. As compared to the 2D graphics engine in the previous release the new version uses a 3D version and realistic castle destruction powered by Havok Physics. Firefly promises epic battles against AI opponents on new maps with new units, new traps and never before seen castle designs.

This new stronghold game will define the old school real time strategy, combining RTS and city builder game play. Game will offer the same addictive game play, fast-paced action and awesome castle simulation. Lead your troops into battle as either the Richard the Lionheart or the Sultan of the Syria in two single player campaigns. Use deadly array of troops and destructive siege equipment to destroy the enemy lands.

Defend your land in fast paced matches against AI in Skirmish Mode. Fight with a wide range of AI lords with unique personalities, castles and play style. Challenge the Crusader Trail in increasingly difficult campaigns. In the Co-op mode you will have the ability to share control over castle buildings, troop controls and resource management.

Command more than 25 unique unit types and master their special abilities. Play against computer opponents and use archers and deadly traps and other units to master your game-play skills. For more fun and intense action start the 8 player mulitplayer game and mix human and AI players, maps and game modes.
As in the previous version the new stronghold will offer Free build mode and a Map Editor and let you design your dream castle.

Minimum System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2Ghz or equivalent
Hard Disk: 6 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 512MB or AMD Radeon HD 2900XT 512MB or better

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