Since rockstar have launched GTA online users are having a lot problems most of the errors are due servers which were blown when thousands of people tried to download and play GTA online at once. Most common problems which are being faced by GTA online players are these

1. Cloud Server Unavailable error

2. Failed to host a GTA online session

3. Jobs failing to start or load

4. Mission failed error as soon as mission begins

5. Freezing while loading while “waiting for other players”

6. Getting Stuck on the screen after watching a cut scene twice.

7. Lost of items, rank and in-game money.

Today rockstar announced a fix for PS3 users which loads automatically when GTA online starts. This fix will solve majority of issues most importantly multiplayer issue. The fix is only available for PlayStation 3 users but another fix for Xbox 360 users is also expected today.

Majority of issue with GTA online are server based issues like connection lost or game freezing. One of the important issue is lost of in-game money due to which rockstar disabled in-game money purchase with real money feature. Rockstar is also updating GTA online users on its GTA online status page. You can visit GTA online status page where publisher is updating players with every new thing related to online version of the game or stay in touch with us for full GTA online coverage and also don’t forget to checkout these things to know about GTA online.