Valve have announced “Steam Controller” that’s a different type of game pad. Tech product reviewers are saying that this new kind of game pad will change the style of gamers and will also bring back the importance of game pad in gaming. But its not as useless as old gamepads are because its a completely different and feature rich gamepad that’s also a new controller for your PC or MAC games that require keyboard and mouse. The main idea behind steam controller is to make “all games playable on a TV that require keyboard and mouse”.

steam controller new type of game pad

The steam controller have two circular trackpads which are driven by players thumbs. Just like the trackpads of laptops these trackpads are also clickable. These clickable trackpads allow the entire surface to act as button. Moreover users will also have more precise control over amplitude, frequency and direction of movement because of haptic feedback feature of the controller.

Steam controller also delivers in-game information about speed, boundaries, thresholds, action confirmation and other game related information that can help gamers to play game more easily.

The centre of team controller also features a touch screen that provide infinite number of discrete actions without having infinite physical keys. The screen is also clickable like a single big button. This button let your select actions which players want to commit. Touch screen will let players browse through the available actions for the game and than clickable screen will let you select the action as a button. For more see the photo attached below

Feature detail of steam controller game pad