In today’s life, internet of things has become a norm. What we saw as novel ideas few years ago have now become the reality of our everyday lives. Executives and companies are competing to understand where they can leverage it for profit and bringing technical advancement in people’s life.

Among the solid web of different gadgets and devices, a new prototype has been introduced in the market: SMART EYEGLASS


Smart EyeGlass is a transparent lens eyewear, or you can say regular spectacles with a transparent screen in lenses. The wearer is able to see features like emails and notifications etc in front of her/his eyes.

Two companies have offered this device, but here we’re only talking about SONY Smart EyeGlass.


SONY Smart Eyeglass is equipped with a wide range of sensing technologies. They include Sony CMOS image sensors for high speed and high picture quality along with 3 mega pixel camera for capturing photos and videos, which is mounted behind the left lens of Eyeglass. It uses the accelerometer, GPS, gyroscope and electronic compass to provide augmented reality.

It is provided with tiny projector & holographic technology that is capable to achieve high transparency of 85% and the thickness of 3.0 millimeter. Moreover, it holds monochrome display that ensures that the energy consumption is comparatively lower than that of color display. The spectacles give display in green color only.



Sony Smart EyeGlass is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled to host Smartphones. It connects with android devices and then superimposes text, pictures or any required information onto whatever real scene is in the view. The lens screen can act as a secondary screen for your Android phone. Sony also provides a separate circular touch sensitive controller that carries battery, a voice recognition microphone, speaker and buttons for selecting menu options. The controller is connected to the frames with a wire.

The battery lasts around two and half hours.


The Smart EyeGlass software development kit (SDK) offers a sample code, emulator to extend the functionality of your Android devices, tutorials and in depth developing guides, design guidelines, API references and test instructions.

Sony is also encouraging software developers to make and develop functional applications for Smart EyeGlass for its diversifying use.


It is demonstrated with different apps, including a host app on Google Play, so that the wearer can be able to access famous apps like Facebook, twitter, Gmail & RSS.

It comes with augmented reality app called Wikitude, which has been designed to display landmarks and other data along with pinpointing the location whenever the wearer looks around.

Another useful app is included to help you in the kitchen. Cookpad displays recipes and responds to voice commands. It also takes photos on command.

Sony has also added the most interesting, usable and impressive app, which is one that uses a camera to recognize different faces along with displaying their names. This app will surely relieve you from those awkward and embarrassing meetings where you can’t remember the names or faces of people you’re supposed to know.