Microsoft is ready again to release another stripped down version of it’s own operating software, while the previous attempts at a simplified version of Windows haven’t been very successful with a stripped down version of Windows 8, (Windows 8 with Bing) hardly being recognized or in that matter being used. Microsoft yet again plans on to take another shot at making yet another version of Windows 10 for lower price laptops and calling it Windows 10 “Cloud”.

Good idea or not?

While this may be a good idea or not, we can not be very sure to comment on it until it releases in near future. Microsoft has their eyes on Chrome OS and expect the Windows  10 Cloud to be a better alternative.

If Windows 10 Cloud is a similar OS as the previous stripped down versions of the original Windows OS designed by Microsoft then the Windows 10 is expected to follow the same code as the Windows 8 with bing and Windows RT, it would be designed to run universal apps from the Windows store while authorizing many of the Microsoft tools & services.

At least good news for the PC makers is that the Windows 10 Cloud would be cheaper to get hands on than the fully priced Windows 10, if not free, willing to build machines compatible with the Windows 10 Cloud.

When is Windows 10 Cloud coming out?

Microsoft is also all set to release the update, Windows 10 Creators Update by early or mid April, so chances are that Microsoft may release both the variants together.

The next update to Windows 10 has been awaited since mentioned first in October 2016. Which has been then in development and soon after completion & bug-tests would be represented in front of the world by the beginning of second quarter of 2017.

That’s all we know so far about the Windows 10 Cloud.