iTunes festival is going on right now in the Roundhouse, London, UK. As you already know iTunes festival is a month long music event that is held by iTunes ( Apple ) in every September ( 1st – 30th ). This year iTunes festival 2013 was opened by Lady Gaga with a big bang. Last day iTunes festival 2013’s first week was completed, the whole week was a big entertainment for the whole world but unfortunately the end of the festival’s first week was not good as Phoenix who were supposed to perform on 7th September cancelled their iTunes festival show because their main member was ill and unable to travel. But the whole week was enjoyed by the world. Today we are going to tell you the story of festival’s first week in the form of pictures. You will surely like our effort, but remember the singers who performed this week was Lady Gaga, Sigur Ros/POLICA, The Lumineers/Phox, Paramore/Fenech Soler, Rizzle Kicks/Eliza Doolittle, Queens of the stone age/Palma violets and unfortunately Phoenix were unable to perform last night.

iTunes festival 2013 first week in Pictures

Day 1: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga landing on the stage - iTunes festival first week in pictures

Day 1: Lady Gaga landing on the stage

itunes festival first day - the floor on fire

lady gaga performing on iTunes festival 2013



Day 2: Sigur Ros/POLICA

2nd Day - Sigur Ros - Floor on fire

2nd Day – Sigur Ros – Floor on fire

2nd Day - POLICA

2nd Day – POLICA

2nd Day - POLICA 2

POLICA Performing at iTunes festival

Day 3: The Lumineers/Phox


The Lumineers performing at iTunes festival

iTunes festival 3rd day - The Lumineers

the floor on fire


The Lumineers on iTunes festival 3rd day

Day 4: Paramore/Fenech Soler


Day 4: Paramore

iTunes festival 4rth day - PARAMORE

Paramore performing at iTunes festival

iTunes festival live - PARAMORE

Paramore at Day 4

Day 5: Rizzle kicks/Eliza Doolittle

iTunes Festival 5TH DAY - RIZZLE KICKS

Rizzle Kicks at itunes festival 2013 Day 5

5th day - Rizzle kics

5th day – Rizzle kics

5TH DAY - Eliza Doolittle

Day 5: Eliza Doolittle

Day 6: Queens of the stone age/Palma Violets



iTunes festival 6th day - Queens of the stone age

iTunes festival 2013 Day 6: Queens of the stone age

6th day iTunes festival - Palma Voilets

Palma Violets iTunes festival 2013

Day 7: Pheonix/Little green cars ( Sow cancelled )

iTunes festival last day of first week - Phoenix cancelled

last day of the first week – show cancelled

So, this is the whole story of the first week of the iTunes festival in Pictures. Are you using this tip to live stream iTunes festival? If you are unable to live stream iTunes festival than comment below the post, we will tell you about some working tips and tricks.