A cyber security research team at Ben-Gurion university, Israel confirmed that Samsung’s top selling smartphone galaxy s4 have big security flaw in it that can help others stole your personal data from your mobile phone. It can help hackers to access your emails and other data.

Interesting thing about this problem is that the security hole is in Samsung’s official security software called Knox. The security flaw was uncovered by Mordechai Guri, a PHD student at university mentioned above. He is also part of the university’s cyber security team.

[quote_center]Guri said, “I was surprised to find that such a big hole exists and was left untouched”. [/quote_center]

Guri also added the security flaw in galaxy S4 is already adopted by many organizations and government agencies to access public data. He also said that this weakness has to be solved immediately before it falls into the wrong hands.

According to Guri, they are also contacting Korean company to provide them full technical details to solve this problem. But in return a spokesman from Samsung said, the company is investigating Israeli team’s claims. He also added the reported breach was found on a device that did not have all the extra software that are needed with Knox.

Knox is a high level security software made by Samsung specially for its flagship smartphones. Its was first released with Galaxy note 3 and it also does not come preloaded on S4 but the users can download it after buying.