Today Google is celebrating its 15th birthday with a doodle games and 1998 look. The doodle game is just like a browser game, simple and entertaining. Specially the kids will like the game.

Open Google homepage, click on the play button than Google will gives you instructions to play the doodle game. By the way you just have to control the letter “g” with spacebar. The role of “second o” is of a star shaped Piñata, than you have to beat Piñata with multicolour stick and Piñata star will release candies in return. I just ended after collecting 79 candies 🙂

I scored 79 In Google doodle game

The big thing in Google birthday celebrations is “Google In 1998 Look”. To get a 1998 Google look just search for “Google in 1998” in Google search. Than you will get the same look shown in the screenshot below.

Google In 1998

So, this is latest from Google’s 15th birthday celebrations. Once again happy birthday Google.