What is Project Ara?

Project ARA can be described as development effort by Google for creating a modular-hardware system which will act as a rival for mobile apps pace, innovation level and other aspects. The name ARA phone is placed after its mechanical designer Ara. It aims at delivering mobile internet services to billions of people. Google ARA project will enable users for creating modular smartphone which is tailored to meet their aesthetic and functional preferences. It starts with structural frame work named as endo/endoskeleton and backbone data device. Users can populate endoskeleton with modules which are the building blocks making-up features and functionality of the phone. These modules can easily be inserted & removed anytime. These modules have shells or user replaceable covers as well which provide creative canvas so that users can change their phone`s look. Buying options include complete ARA-phone, additional modules or configuration of one from the scratch.  This phone should not be confused with Nexus or Android products. It runs Android OS, but it is still in developmental process.

What makes it different from other phones?

This is the phone which users are free to design themselves. As it contains modular platform so users have option to pick camera they want for their phone instead of selecting phone for camera. It can also contain a sensor for testing of absence of water. You can also insert a battery which works for days. It can have an awesome speaker, gamer phone and many more things for you. You can also make it key of your car.  With limitless possibilities Google ARA project is going to blow your mind. Instead of upgrading or replacing the entire phone you will have the option to upgrade its different parts when needed. This may include replacement of broken display, saving-up for high end camera etc. you can also share module with family or friends, so you don’t need to throw phone even for many years. Is there anything else you want? ARA phone provides unlimited thoughtful choices to you and you can make it a representative for your personality by adding everything of your taste.

Relationship Between Phonebloks And Project Ara

It is not a 3D printed phone but Google is working on this aspect as well and soon you will get a touch of 3D as well but not in this product. Phonebloks is based on the idea to reduce electronic-waste. In development of ARA phone the developer of phonebloks Dave`s assistance has also been obtained. So this phone will also act as an agent for reduction of electronic wastage.

When and where to purchase?

Google ARA project is an effort of development and is not official product by Google. Its launch date and price are not set yet but its availability could be expected in 2015. Cost of components for this phone falls within the range of $50 to $100. So how much will be its price, is not estimated yet. Prices for modules may vary just like mobile apps prices in the apps stores. You will also be able to buy it through carriers.