Everyone is talking about Nexus 10 2ND Generation but I don’t know about a single person who have heard a single word about Nexus 10 2 release directly from Google. Although this was the same situation before the release of Nexus 5 this year but there were a lot of real leaked photos and videos of the device so those rumours were legit to some extent. But when we talk about Nexus 10 2ND generation tablet then we don’t have detailed proof to tell people that its coming in the market. Everything about nexus 10 2 from shape, size to specifications is only based on rumours.

If reports are accurate then Google must release tablet within upcoming weeks as many people have already done their holiday shopping that’s why if company wants to make some real profit then it should release the device within a week or 2. The original version of the tablet was released in November 2012 and that’s why everyone was expecting the newer version in the same month on Black Friday and then on Cyber Monday but there was nothing special on these days for nexus 10 fans.

According to latest rumours its not Samsung or ASUS who is manufacturing nexus 10 2 as its LG who is working on Nexus 10 next generation. Remember LG have also manufactured Nexus 4 and 5 smartphones. If the rumours are true then Nexus 10 2 will be a 10.1 Inch tablet with 299 pixels per inch resolution, Tegra 4 quad-core or Qualcomm snapdragon 800 (like Nexus 10) processor, android kitkat, up to 32 GB storage, 2GB or 3GB RAM, 8 mega pixels camera, micro USB and a lot more. Price could be between $349 – $399 according to storage options.

If all of these features and the rumours and real then Nexus 10 2 will be the winner over iPad Air. Christmas is also near but nothing is officially announced by Google itself, so that we may not see next nexus 10 tablet this year.