Everyone is calling YotaPhone a strange type of smartphone but according to me its a revolutionary product in the market. YotaPhone is a Russia made android based smartphone with two screens, one at its front as other phones have and on the back side it have another screen that can also work even when the battery is low. Although YotaPhone is not available but it will not be released in Australia and US at the moment may be after some time they will held a  US release event.

But at the moment the Russian company is going to release the device in Russia, Austria, France, Spain, Germany and may be UK could be included in the list. So, if you want to try YotaPhone then you have to buy it from the countries listed above.

YotaPhone e-ink screen


The front screen of the device is a standard 4.3 Inch 720p LCD screen and the back screen is an e-ink screen that uses very low battery and can even work when the battery of the phone is out. You can read e-books and also see images in that e-ink screen. You can also view saved webpages, photos and maps on e-ink screen  even when the battery is low.


While capturing photos or videos it also notifies with smilies on the back screen (screen on the camera side). Company Head told to media that its just a beginning, “people should expect more big things from us”. Dual screen YotaPhone is available for US $680 or E499.