Windows 9 was expected to be the successor of Windows 8, but it is not yet been launched, rather Windows 10 is the latest Operating system of Microsoft, which is now in market. The brief information about this operating system is, that, it is user friendly system for those, who are not ready to let go of Windows 7 and are more in love with the touch operating systems. It leaves all the new operating systems behind by its very useful features.


The features of Windows 10 are as follows;

Start Menu Option

The old Start Menu was adored by the users due to its effectiveness. The users could see easily all the installed programs and could search about anything. The Windows 8 stole this feature and instead of opening the list of the programs, it takes the user to the full screen menu, where he can look for his desired applications. But, the Windows 10 brought back this feature and now, users can find their programs by using Start Menu Option.

Taskbar for Multitasking

The Taskbar shows the current activity of the user or system. As, multitasking is the effective feature of latest operating systems, the Windows 10’s Taskbar also lets the user to see, what the currently activated or running programs are. The location of the Taskbar is still at the bottom of the screen, which makes it easier for the user. The Taskbar also have some more useful updates which can be seen when this Operating System will finally arrive.

Multiple Desktop Screens for Power Users

Windows 8 first introduced the multiple screen concepts in Microsoft Operating Systems. The upgrading in the Windows let the developers to develop such an Operating System, which can let the user to use multiple desktop screens for running different applications and programs. The user now can switch to any desktop of his liking just like the Linux Operating System.

Upgraded Command Prompt

The Command Line Interface was not Keyboard friendly, but now, it is upgraded and the user can simply paste the statements by using CTRL and V keys. It is not that much of importance, but it is still a useful feature for those, who use it for their solving of the problems.

Windows 10 for Window Phones

The Microsoft has confirmed that the upcoming Windows phone will use Windows 10 as their Operating System. It will be more enhanced and will perform its work faster than Windows 8. It will be more handy to use, and will provide a user friendly interface.

The people can actually preview the Windows 10 for free. All the developers and the customers are hopeful that this Operating System will be according to their needs and will be faster unlike Windows 8, which constrained the customers to use Windows 7. There will be no extra and disliked features and this Operating System will be appreciated, as the developers are expecting. But, we cannot say how much their statements are true unless we see it for ourselves.