Business is something which shrinks if we don’t expand it according to the needs and time. If you have an online business then it’s already an international business, because websites are accessible from any part of the world. But if you have an offline business ( regular one ), then its bit difficult to make that an international business. Offline business include many time of small companies, groups, big companies and networks and normally different types of shops and stores. But we will talk about both offline and online business and will tell you how to turn local business into international business easily.

turn local business into international business

How to turn  offline business into international business:

1: Make a full functioned website for it:

This is most easy and reliable method to turn your offline business business into international business, this method is also very affordable then other methods. Make a full functioned website, where anyone from any part of the world can buy your any product. After making website do some advertising for it, So it gets some early exposure. The main benefit of having a website is that you can control it from anywhere.

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2: Spread The Network:

If you have enough money to invest then you can start new branches of your business in the foreign countries to make that an international business. Before starting you should hire local people because they understand local market better then foreigners. Another thing important, try to get place in busy areas.

3: Contact companies in Foreign:

You can also contact foreign companies, I mean companies in country where you want to start business. Instead of opening your own branch or company there, you can ask companies there to buy you product, if your product is good then they will surely accept your offer. Instead of money in return you can also ask them to give their product in return. This thing sounds like import and export but it good for building relations with international companies.

4: Buy Local companies:

This is the best method to start a successful business in any part of the world. Because doing this, you only have to invest money and in return you gets a well established local network with a lot of local experience. The main benefit of this way to turn local business into international business is that you don’t have to work hard, because you will get instant localization.

5: Ask For partnership:

if you don’t buy local companies ( as its too expensive ), then asking local investors for partnership or starting a joint venture is another good idea to get international presence. This way could be very useful in those countries where international companies face strict laws to start business.

How to turn online business into international business:

1: Translation For everything:

We all know that “English” is an international language, this means if your website is in English then your business is international. It’s 100% right that then your business will be international but then too you will be missing a big advantage. That’s “a plenty of local customers” who don’t know English, A big number of European users too don’t know English. This means you are missing a lot of profit, So you just have to do one thing which can increase your international presence. Add a translator into your website, by using which users can translate webpages.

2: Support Right to left layout:

Another important thing is this, Countries like Iran, Pakistan and all of Arab countries have different language layout which is “from right to left”. A big number of internet users came from these countries, So your website should support right to left layout while translating webpages.

3: Accept local payment:

Most websites Accept payment through PayPal, Payza and Moneybookers. But all of the internet users don’t use these networks, but most of have credit or debit cards. This thing also decrease your number of international customers, So add one of the premium payment accepting service in your website, which accept credit and debit cards too.

Know the best about how to turn local business international business:

So, here we have discussed how to turn local business into international business. We have discussed both offline and online business. As online business is a website, So that is accessible from any part of the world, but they too should have some special features ( which we have discussed ) to attract international users. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.