While surfing internet chances of getting viruses, Trojans and spywares increase to high extent. These types of viruses can access your all data, these can also spy your activities like CIA 😉 . Online thieves can steal all of your money while shopping, they can also steal your important email ids and passwords. That’s why web protection is very necessary for everyone while surfing internet. Today we will list some best tips which will help you stay safe.

1. Stay away from phishing while surfing internet

First of all protect yourself from phishing while surfing internet. Through phishing hackers can hack your important email ids and passwords, phishing sites are just like the real sites which ask you to sign in, but they are stealing your sign in details. To stay away from phishing you should not click on any unknown link which ask you to sign in any of your personal use website. Follow the tips below to stay away from phishing

1. Check the link in the address bar before logging into any website.

2. Use Chrome web browser because it have built in “phishing site alert feature”.

3. Don’t click on any link received in any promotional email if they looks unnatural.

phishing for stumble upon - web protection for surfing internet

Phishing try for stumbleupon

2. Set a strong password

Setting a strong password is another way to protect yourself. Strong passwords include all types of characters, follow the tips below to set up a strong password.

1. Add characters like .,-?!@/&¥{.

2. Add words and digits like abtgn107mu.

3. Add smiley which you use mostly like 😉 .

4. Make it like (-:)[anynameparte6p9}¿&8A

5. Write these types of password anywhere in your mind because these are hard to remember.

6. Also use different passwords for different websites.

3. Don’t pay with public network

If you don’t want to loose your money while surfing the internet then don’t use public internet connection for transactions and its most recommended tip for the web protection. Follow these tips

1. Use your own data connection while paying.

2. Don’t use public WiFi, they are mostly hackers.

3. Don’t use net cafe for important work.

4. Don’t use shared data connection while paying.

4. Only shop at sites using HTTP secure

Another best way to keep your money safe is only shopping at websites using HTTP secure or HTTPS for example https://domain.com or https://www.domain.com. This internet protocol use SSL certificates to protect the activity of the users. Before paying look at the address bar of the web browser to check whether its using HTTPS or not. Also use browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Maxthon because they alert if any website’s SSL certificate is outdated.

secure internet protocol

Secure Internet

5. Use Different email ids for different purposes

Another best thing for web protection is that you should use different emails ids for different purposes. For example the email id which you use for social activities don’t use that for signing up for websites like  ebay, amazon etc. Also don’t share your important email ids with others.

6. Don’t trust anyone

Although most of the hackers hack with the help of internet, but your important data can also be robbed by the people around you. For that set up a strong password for your computer and don’t share it with anyone. Also don’t let browser remember your passwords, for that purpose make a file to write and save your passwords and then that anywhere in protection zone.

7. Scan every file after downloading

Download and install one of the best antivirus for your system and check and scan every file after downloading. Because most of the files downloading from internet have tons of viruses in them.

8. “Everything glittering is not gold”

Keep these words in your mind and never let these go out of it. Everyday hackers send many emails like “earn $ 500 every hour”. Remember nothing is easy to gain in this world all these offers are 100% fake.

9. Don’t click on ads in bad sites

Don’t click on ads while visiting bad site ( You know what I’m saying ). Because most of the ads there contain numerous viruses and those sites are the homes of Trojans and Spywares.

bad ads on video sites

bad ads on video sites

10. Only work at trusted websites

Before buying at  any website check its reputation online. Just Google it like “reputation of name.com” or use this tool to check whether is trusted or not.

Know the best about Web protection while surfing the internet:

So, these are the million dollar tips to protect yourself while surfing internet. Implementing on these will safe your from hackers, spy wares, viruses and online thieves. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.