A couple of days ago my brand new android phone suddenly stopped charging. It was only maintaining the current battery level when connected to a charger but battery level was not increasing. I was very depressed because the light was also on than I opened my laptop and started searching for solution online. After browsing some forums I came to know about some useful tips that I applied on my phone and now its again perfect. Today I’m going to share all of those solutions with you so that you can also try them when your phone is not charging while the light is on.

Try This When Phone Is Not Charging While The Light Is On

1. Reboot

Like computers a simple problem with your phone can also be fixed by rebooting. Turn off your phone than turn it on again, I hope this will work for you.

reboot android

2. Charge in Air Plane mode or turn if off

You should also check charging status in Air Plane mode or turn it off and plug in charger. If your phone is charging in air plane mode that’s mean charger is not providing enough current. In this situation you should change your charger and should also clean charging base of the phone with a”tooth brush”.

3. Reset when phone is not charging

I tried to fix this problem by cleaning charging base with tooth brush and I also changed charger but these did not worked for me. Than I reset my android phone, after resetting everything was fine but with the new charger. So, problem was with both phone and charger.

4. Remove battery

When phone is not charging open the back case, remove the battery, plug in charger and than insert battery after some seconds. Don’t turn your phone on because it will be charging in off state.

remove battery

5. Try regular charger or change battery

If you are charging you phone with USB cable than you should also try it to charge with regular charger because USB always drive less current than regular charger. Also try to change battery. You can buy new chargers at up to 70% discount here.

6. Clean charging base

As I mentioned above clean charging base attached with board. Try tooth brush to clean it, I hope this will work for you.

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So, these are some solutions to apply when phone is not charging. Most common problems are “dirt on charging base, problem with charger and USB charger. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more tips and tricks.