There are thousands of apps of many types in the android app market. Travel apps are also some of those, travel apps help android users to organize and plan their trips in a better way. Some useful android travel apps like KAYAK, Make My Trip have interesting features like info about destinations, weather and map integration which help users to reach their destination easily. Today we will review a new android app called “myTrip android travel app – Travel organizer for android”, this app is a fantastic addition in the android travel apps.


The thing which makes the first impression is interface and display. The interface of myTrip android travel app is very beautiful and easy to use. It looks great on both tablets and phones. At start screen it show saved plans which is good because saved plans can be easily accessed just after opening the application. Saved plans are shown in the boxed widgets, every widget gives a summary of travel plan associated to it, it shows “title, start and end date, destination, hotel and flight status”. So basic information about any travel plan could be accessed at the app start screen without opening the whole plan and its pretty handy.

boxed information about destinition - mytrip android travel app

boxed information about destination

Things which you can include in a plan

There are only 6 things which travellers can include in their plans. Destinations, Flight, Hotels, Travel ( journey between the places during plan dates ) things to do and shopping list. The most wonderful feature of this android app is that help travellers from start to end. While inserting a new plan it just require “trip title, start date and end date”. After that you can add further details which are mentioned above.

things which can be included in travel plan

Things which can be included in travel plan

myTrip android travel app have extensive data about the hotels, fun places, destinations and airlines. While adding information like this you just have to give the titles of places, other informations are auto filled by the application. For example while adding a hotel it will auto suggest hotel name after inserting some words of its title. After selecting “hotel name” app will automatically fill its address, city, telephone number, website, state and country and its really good to have such info. After adding places, you can visit their website and can also call them right from the app. App also gives direction to the places using Maps app.

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The main features of mytrip android travel app are

shopping items

shopping items powered by Google search

1. In myTrip android travel app users can explore places and things like shopping items , hotels, bars, tourist attractions etc
2. Information about hotels, attractions, destinations etc
3. Website and phone number of hotels
4. Price comparison for shopping items

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1. Big source of information about destinations and hotels around the globe.
2. Price comparison, easy to use and latest interface.


1. Could have “more share options” to easily share trip plans with everyone.
2. Information about some Asian destinations is not available and some have false info.

All in all its a good android travel app you should give it a try because it a unique and different from others. Specially
its best for tourists visiting European countries.


Jan Souza.



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