Everyone is heading to wearable computing than how Intel can keep itself away from this upcoming future tech industry. Recently Intel announced to invest in Google Glass’s biggest rival Recon.

Recon which is popular for its heads-up displays for sports said that company have shipped over 50,000 HUD devices worldwide and firm enjoyed a successful campaign in apple retail stores last winter when connectivity to iPhone was achieved.

Intel will help Recon in product development, marketing and global sales expansions. Recon will also able to benefit from Intel’s expertise in manufacturing, operations and technology.

The leading HUD manufacturer is developing its most famous product Recon Jet which is one of the other products like Google glass.

The main features of Recon Jet are WiFi, Bluetooth, smartphone pairing to show calls, can also show SMS, dual core CPU, HD camera, GPS, optical touchpad and other features. Moreover devices weighs only 60 grams and cane be used in any weather condition.

The device will be available from March,2014 but Google is going to release Glass at the end of this year. Moreover Intel’s funding figures were not disclosed but the company have invested more than $10.9bn in other companies since 1991.