Disconnect which is a special kind of project lead by Ex Google and NSA engineers is getting more and more popular these days. Now they have also launched Google, Bing, Yahoo, Blekko and DuckDuckGo search with tracking. Now if you’re a Disconnect user than search engine will not able to user your personal information like search queries, location and IP to track you.

Today Disconnect have launched an browser extension for Chrome and Firefox which collect your every search query and send those to search to engine as they are made by Disconnect not by you. After getting results from search engines Disconnect shows you those on their own servers.

disconnect let you use Google, yahoo, bing without tracking

Although some web browser have this feature as built-in feature like Firefox have “Don’t track me feature” which tells websites and search engines that user is not want to be tracked but that will again up to websites and Engines whether they accept users request or not. But Disconnect you Search Engine will not able to track your queries.

Just imagine how search engines like Yahoo and Google can use your personal identity, suppose if you’re making searches on Google with your Gmail account logged in than Google will automatically save those searches or queries with your name and personal information like address, phone number and alternative email which users provide Google while singing up.

That’s why its very useful to use Disconnect, plus point of disconnect is that its totally a free service although you can donate them to keep the good work going well. To install it in your browser visit disconnect here and see the difference in the search results. There is another good thing about Disconnect search will also not able to paste a lot of ads between your search results.

Disconnect is only for search engines and remember government will still able to track your queries. For more see this video to know the difference between Disconnect search and search without disconnect.

Disconnect Lets You Use Google, Bing, Yahoo… by comingmore