For the first time NYSE in its 225 year history is live streaming an event. At last Twitter is going to be a official public company within some hours. As mentioned earlier NYSE is going to live stream Twitter IPO event. The New York stock exchange has created a new page on its website to live stream the event.

But we have got emeded the player below, so that our readers can also watch the moment when Twitter officially becomes a public company. Interesting thing is that anyone can watch this event without any restriction as live streaming is available in every country.

Scott Cutler, executive vice president and head of global listings for the exchange said in a statement that “This channel will offer anyone a front row seat to the world’s biggest stage in business and we’re excited for it to go live for Twitter’s bell ringing ceremony”.

NYSE partnered with Livestream, Max Haot, CEO of Livestream told said in an interview that his company has been in talking with the exchange for the past couple of months and the two organization accelerated their efforts to prepare for the Twitter IPO NYSE event”.

Everyone is taking Twitter’s decision to list at NSYE as a big win, now see what is going to happen.