How to become anonymous online is a topic that is becoming very popular for protecting people’s privacy in this digital age. Browsers, mobile phones and different social network apps are providing booming services that promise to protect their identity on the internet.

Being Anonymous on the net has now become possible through using Tor network and a number of other online services.


Privacy is becoming a high fever with compromised identity. Nothing can stop your data to fall into the hands of cyber criminals. To them, you are like an open book. Almost each and every website or search engine you visit attacks your IP address first and also social networking sites may attack on your browsing history. From here, you can understand that being completely anonymous is not possible on internet but still you can reduce the risks of your identity theft.



  • Yet even on the internet you can create invisibility. Just use a little forethought and enter the fantastic world of Tor, the network that guarantees anonymity online through a number of services. The Tor Browser is free and open source software that allows you to surf the web anonymously, making it virtually impossible for anyone to follow your tracks. It is not just a network where each user becomes the node of a network but it can also be used by a range of services and apps that provide anonymity. And the more users there are, the easier it is to keep your security. Due to its perfectly functional services, last year Tor has been downloaded by 120 million people.
  • You can also send an anonymous email by using webmail service from Tor. Too bad that most of the major email services like Gmail require much personal information starting with phone number.
  • There are also encrypted webmail like SafeMail and other email services such as temporary Airmail or Guerrilla Mail use Tor to send and receive emails anonymously.
  • There are also extensions to the program like Thunderbird Enigmail, which allow you to encrypt outgoing mail.
  • Messenger Pidgin is one of the most popular messengers in circulation because it can connect to other chat systems from Google to Yahoo. The good news? It can also be used on the Tor Network only by changing the settings of your account.
  • Do you want to surf anonymously from your old android smart phone?

It also offers wide spread app called Orbot that uses the Tor network to encrypt communications.

  • Tor will launch its messenger in July called Instant Bird which will change the way we communicate on the internet.


Black phone, an Android smart phone, developed through collaboration between a company that provides encrypted communication and a company of mobile phones, the Geeks Phone. It’ll provide you with a number of apps that allow you to make encrypted phone calls, secured text messages and a two-year subscription to SpiderOak. It is a site “cloud” to store files anonymously and safely.


Iphone also presents an online app, Onion Browser, which offers different levels of privacy protection.


DuckDuckGo is also a successful search engine that aggregates results from more than 100 sources including Yahoo, Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha and Bing without risking your privacy. It does not collect any data after you complete your desired research, avoids the use of cookies and also does not record the IP address or other information related to your identity.

Apple Inc has decided to slam Google and add this more secure search engine on Safari with the launch of iOS 8, ​​the next update of its mobile operating system.

So these are the suggestions:

  • Tor is the best option to secure your compromised identity if you’re using desktop pc, so just download it and add one more layer of protection in your life.
  • Buy Black phone if you’re really conscious about yourself security.
  • Also you can install android and iphone apps to stay online anonymously.
  • DuckDuckGo is also a very secure searching engine.