Cheers here is something very useful for Galaxy Gear Smartwatch users as now they can browse web right from their wrist, isn’t it amazing? 🙂 Although browsing websites on gear is not as easy as on big screens because galaxy gear smartwatch is just 1.6 Inch. But the point here is the hack that let its users browse websites right from your wrist.

Galaxy Gear smartwatch now has its own custom ROM, a XDA member called FOmey has developed a software that unlock many manufacturer’s locks and limitation in the gadget. Now users will also able to run third party apps, widgets and will also able to install third party live wallpapers. This software is just like Nova Launcher and will also enable Bluetooth tethering.

Bluetooth tethering is enabled the application to pick an internet connection from a smartphone that supports the protocol. Following video will show you how to do it on your Galaxy Gear or can also visit our source link.