First of all I wish all of my readers “happy thanksgiving”. As US culture natives are making different types of special dishes on Thanksgiving and interesting thing about it is that “today’s hottest Google searches are about famous recipes”. Most of the searches are about “cranberry sauce recipe, green bean casser, Pumpkin pie, sweet potato casserole, turkey and apple pie”. All of these searches queries have got more than 0.5 million searches so far on thanksgiving. We would also like to help you buy suggesting some websites for recipes of these dishes so that you can save your precious time on this special event.

1: Green bean casser

“Green bean casser” have got more than 50000 searches so far and its getting more and more searches.

2: Pumpkin Pie

Here is another famous search term on Google today, its also got more than 50000 searches and getting more searches.

3. Sweet potato casserole

At this time sweet potato casserole is another famous search term on Google, again its a sweet dish that people specially make on thanksgiving.

4. Apple pie

Here is another sweet dish that’s also in the hottest Google searches on thanksgiving. This searches term have got more than 50000 searches today and its getting even more.

5. Turkey

Turkey is the most popular search term among all these search terms. Its getting massive searches since yesterday. So, these are the hottest Google searches, recipes are presented here.